After going to TPT for four separate sports related issues in as many years and taking my son there for therapy related to a LAX injury, I can wholeheartedly recommend them as the professional, friendly, efficient, and effective team they are, Pam, who heads up the reception area, is a straight-shooter who understands insurance issues like no other. Sheryl Tompkins, Jennifer and Amy are top-notch Physical Therapists. Thanks to therapy Sheryl recommended after I had meniscus repair surgery on Feb 1, ’15, I was ready to ski at Aspen/Snowmass by Mar 1st–one month later! Couldn’t be happier with the care I’ve had there! TPT will always be my first choice for physical therapy

Barb M.

Being long distance runner, I have come back to Tompkins multiple times over the years for various injuries. I love their whole body and whole life approach to healing. Their focus is not solely on the site of the injury or pain, but also my posture, my gait, and my general movement in daily life. I feel like my entire lifestyle is improved by their help. They also promote a fun, relaxed atmosphere that makes coming to my weekly sessions enjoyable rather than tedious. Thank you, Tompkins PT!

Lauren K.

I worked primarily with Amy for three months after a rotator cuff repair. I have to say I was very impressed by how well she knew her job and how committed she was to helping me get better. After watching the other Therapists interacting with their patients while I underwent treatment, I was very impressed by all of the staff there. Everyone really seemed to engage their patients much more than most of us are used to in today’s healthcare. They asked a lot of questions and really dug hard to understand their patients’ issues. Because of this I was able to progress very quickly, and return to my job as a firefighter within three months of the surgery date. I lead a very active lifestyle, and being able to fully use my shoulder means everything to me. Amy really saved my life by not only helping me to heal, but showing me what I was doing wrong in my shoulder motion that probably lead to the injury in the first place. I would highly recommend Thompkins PT to anybody who is in need of therapy services.

Chris K.

Amy corrected several issues, and I graduated with much improvement in strength and mobility.

Diana S.

Jen, Cheryl, and Amy are all super competent and make it fun!

Susan M.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I can hardly believe it’s been 15 years. Thank you so very much for being around–you have fixed me up so many times during those 15 years. I’ve really benefited from all your expertise and enjoyed interacting with all of you. It’s a joy to work with you all. Enjoy your celebrations!


If anyone ever has a need for a really great physical therapist, I can highly recommend these people. They did a fantastic job for both my knee replacement and shoulder surgery. Unlike other physical therapy crappy places I went to before in life, they have an astounding knowledge of physiology. Their concern and attention to me while performing the exercises, made sure I didn’t just do it sloppy-like, but that I did it in such a way that I gained the most benefit out of every single movement. I was well supervised. And as a result, my doctors have been pleasantly surprised as I exceeded their expectations. Can’t say enough good. Keep ’em in your contacts list for when you or somebody you know might need!


Happy anniversary!!
Thank you, each, for all the times you’ve rescued my back, my shoulder, my foot, my back again – you name it!!
Take care and congrats~!


Doctor Tompkins,
I wanted to take a moment and tell you how happy I am to have been referred to your practice by a friend. When I was prescribed PT by my doctor I was at a little bit of a loss as to where to start. I was glad my friend had a recommendation. I come all the way from Harpers Ferry WV and I could not be happier.

Dr. Tompkins, I cannot thank you enough for the hard work you put in to make sure I got better. You and your staff are friendly, your facility is great and anytime I hear one of my friends or co workers say they need PT I tell them that it would be a disservice to themselves if they did not come to you. As a matter of fact, I did tell my elderly next door neighbor to come to your practice after he had something going on with his feet. After the first visit he called me ON THE WAY HOME from his first visit to tell me how impressed and happy he was that he is going there.

At the end of the day Sheryl, you are a treasure to the city of Leesburg, we are lucky to have someone of your caliber taking care of the people of Loudon Co (and even some of us over here in Jefferson Co WV).

Mark Barlet
President The AbleGamers Foundation

I wish I didn’t have to personally know how good Tompkins Physical Therapy and Medical Gym is, but in the past year I have been the beneficiary of their motivating and healing services. First through a frozen shoulder, then through a post op ACL recovery, and at the same time, my daughter has had a knee injury as well. They are very encouraging and compassionate, without letting you “wimp out”. The hours of availability are great for busy families, and their willingness to accommodate is beyond the call of duty. The gym aspect is great, and my daughter is participating in the Sport Metric strengthening program, to avoid further injuries. I have enjoyed seeing the highly trained therapists work with people of all ages, and am gratified to know, that patients that I refer, will receive excellent care.

Dr. Michele Reilly 
(Ashburn Pediatrics)