The Medical Gym

The Medical Gym

The Medical Gym

The Medical Gym of Leesburg was established in 2011 as a complimentary service to Tompkins Orthopedic Physical Therapy Services.

Many of today’s common health problems are attributed to or complicated by inactivity and lack of exercise. However, there is limited access to appropriately designed, medically supervised exercise programs that takes in to account each individual’s medical history and functional goals. The Medical Gym of Leesburg is a fitness center that bridges the gap between medicine and fitness.

Are you someone who…

  • Feels intimidated in the large gym setting and has not been successful reaching your fitness goals?
  • Feels overwhelmed with where to start an exercise program?
  • Is recovering or managing a disease and needs supervision or exercise prescription?
  • Is an athlete and wants a customized specific injury prevention program for your sport?
  • Needs objective benchmarks to stay on track for fitness goals?
  • Would like a comprehensive fitness evaluation to determine goals?

Why Here?

  • Some of us aren’t “gym” people so we are more comfortable in this environment.
  • Some of us need help to adjust the equipment or remember our exercises.
  • Some of us like the company here.

You do not need a medical prescription but we will contact your primary MD for clearance if deemed necessary in our initial screening.

Our philosophy is EVERYONE needs exercise and we want to provide the expertise for you to set realistic goals at your starting point and help you with progression.

Call to schedule an initial screening. (703) 669-6100