July: Functional Movement Screening


Are you ever curious about how your body moves or why your body moves in a certain way?

The FMS, or Functional Movement Screening can help you answer questions about your body’s movement patterns and just how well your body moves with a very low investment of your time and a high return of information. The FMS will provide you with information about your body’s general behaviors so that more specific behaviors can then be examined.

One thing to know about the FMS is that it is NOT an assessment. The FMS is quite literally a screening, as told in its name, which lets us know if you need to be further assessed in a specific direction or a specific area of your body and its movements.

Many sports teams ranging from the NFL during combines and youth sports teams have participated in FMS.


The major goals of the FMS are to help people like you move better, and then move more often. It focuses on mobility, balance, and stability in order to identify asymmetries and major limitations in your functional movement patterns.

                Why should you do this?

Because movement matters. The quality of your movement is a vital component to help you reduce your risk of injury, reach your performance goals as an athlete, and improve your overall quality of life.

>Just like the movement of a car is vital. The quality of a working car is dependent on it being properly aligned, with everything working as it should be. This reduces the risk of problems that could potentially cause a car accident.

How does it work?

The FMS uses 7 different movements to identify possible weaknesses or imbalances that you might have. This means that you may not be using the correct mobility and motor control plans.

AKA your “Car” may not be driving the way that it should. TheFMS will identify the root causes of your faulty movement dysfunctions or any patterns that are painful to you.

>Just how a cars are checked for alignment, and the location of the misalignment is identified.

Copy and Paste this link for a great video on FMS: https://youtu.be/-WlenZwqsjw

A Great Quote:

It’s like a car being out of alignment,” he said. “You’re driving down the road, and you might be wearing in your tires the wrong way, and a lot of times you don’t even know it. You’re wearing on the joints or the tendons or wherever you put the stress, and you won’t notice until you have an injury.”

A bad habit or movement pattern can cause muscles to overcompensate in other ways which increases the risk of injury. Just like a car out of alignment can lead to worn out tires, the car not driving correctly, having to replace tires sooner than normal, and even to an accident.

The structure and health of the body is essential for quality movement, just as a mechanically sound car is required for safe driving.

So if you are curious about FMS testing, have questions, or would like to take part in your own FMS screening, feel free to contact us!