May 2014: Pilates, not just for Girls!

Wait a minute, I thought Pilates was just for girls…

As we continue our installment on posture, we want to educate you on a specific type of exercise that will improve your posture.

Pilates is great for all ages and ability levels because it is a low impact exercise program that emphasizes core strength, stability, flexibility, and correct alignment of the pelvis and spine. Each exercise is designed to target specific muscles, and breathing techniques are used to effectively  cue the abdominals to support each movement. Exercises are executed with control, focus, and precision, students gain a greater sense of body awareness, balance, and overall wellness.

And it’s not just for girls! Read on to see how EVERYONE can benefit.

Here are 10 Principles of Pilates:

Awareness, Balance, Breath, Control, Concentration, Center, Efficiency, Flow, Harmony, Precision.

If you are new to exercising, have physical limitations, or are recovering from an injury or surgery, Pilates is a great way to rehabilitate once you are cleared to exercise, get back your range of motion, and may relieve your chronic pain.

Athletes can benefit a great deal from Pilates training as well.

Repetitive movements in sports such as throwing or hitting a baseball are, almost always one-sided. Pilates is a wonderful form of cross training, and can help correct these muscle imbalances within the body. Agility and muscle endurance will improve, and injury prevention is a huge advantage of consistent practice.

Here at Tompkins PT, we are lucky to have Caitlin Maged offering her Prestige Pilates at this location. Caitlin is first a dancer, studying for over 21 years and received her BA in Dance in 2009. She is a dance instructor, Pilates instructor since 2011, and has years of experience working with children, athletes, adults, and senior citizens. Caitlin offers mat classes, small group sessions, and private lessons. In mat classes, your body weight is used as resistance to challenge the muscles, and the Pilates apparatus (such as the Reformer and Wunda chair) used in private lessons, use resistance from springs to increase or decrease the intensity of an exercise.

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