February 2015: Upper Extremity Stretches

Top 3 Upper Extremity Stretches

This month we have our top three shoulder stretches: lats, pectoralis minor, and posterior capsule. We picked these three stretches because they target muscles that are often tight can cause underlying dysfunction of neck or shoulder.

#1 Lats Stretch

There are a few different positions that can be used to stretch the lats, some being felt more in the back of the shoulders or lower back.


Pec Minor Release Stretch:

This muscle responds really well to the release pictured below. There will be some discomfort during the release, so don’t be discouraged when it does not give instant relief.


the key to this stretch is to keep your head supported with a pillow to roll completely onto shoulder before starting downward stretch. It should be felt in the back of the shoulder.

GOOD LUCK! In March we will give the top 3 neck stretches!!