December 2014: Challenge Accepted


It’s that time of year again; Holidays are around the corner and everybody is scrambling for the end of the year! We encourage everyone to take some time for yourself during this busy time to stay active and healthy!

So for the entire month of December, we hope all of you join us in a little friendly competition!!

The Challenge:

Every week there will be a new wellness theme. Within each theme we will send out a weekly challenge and whoever completes the week’s challenge gets to enter their name into a raffle!

Week One: Flexibility

Week Two: Strength

Week Three: Cardio

Week Four: Lifestyle Change

Details on the goals of each week will be sent out via email and posted on our Facebook Page ( There will also be a print out available in the Medical Gym.

The Raffle:

After each week’s challenge is closed on Friday, stop by and enter your name into a raffle. The more challenges you complete, the more chances you have to enter. Those of you who complete all four weeks get a BONUS raffle entry!

At the end of the month we will draw a ticket and name one lucky person the winner for December! There will be a second drawing for those who entered into the bonus raffle for a chance to win another prize!

Remember, all entries are based on honor code so be good sports and play fair!

The Prize:

A free month membership for the Medical Gym!

(Bonus Raffle: Gift Certificate to Deli South)

Keep an eye out each week for details on the challenges, HAVE FUN AND GOOD LUCK!