April: Rounded Shoulders

The Dreaded Rounded Shoulders

Between our very sedentary postures at work in front of the computer, and the many hours we all seem to spend bent over our phones these days, our posture has really suffered. Next time you are slumped on the couch binging on Downtown Abbey, check out their fabulous posture. Want to know how you can fix your rounded shoulders and achieve that? READ ON!

Rounded shoulders are usually due to a combination of tight pectoralis minors and weak scapula retractors such as the lower trapezius and latissumus dorsi.

So how do you fix it? The first step is to increase the mobility through the chest by stretching the pecs.

Second, we work on strengthening the scapula retractors that bring the shoulder blades together.

Here is one you can do at your desk by simply squeezing shoulder blades together in an upright posture.

Better results can be achieved if resistance is added to the movement with either a theraband standing or sitting upright, or using the same positions lying on the stomach with small weights.

If you have questions while in our Medical Gym, just ask for help!

Enjoy the start of spring, and be ready for next month when we will continue another installment on posture.